“Alan Stentiford gives a powerhouse dual performance as Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde. With no prosthetics or editing to hide behind to believably transform into the horrifying Hyde, Mr. Stentiford must rely on pure talent as an actor through body language and vocal inflection. The result is tremendously successful. The actor seamlessly transitions from the sensitive, warm natured Jeykll into the devious Hyde with a beat or a lighting cue. The role also requires a gifted vocalist to fill the role and Mr. Stentiford delivers with a soaring tenor - executing the famous ballad, "This Is the Moment" with utter brilliance.”

-Jaime Zahl, Broadway World

“Alan Stentiford amazingly takes on the divergent roles as if the assignment were a simple one. Furthermore, Stentiford adds a clear, well-polished singing voice to the lyrical proceedings.”

- Jeb Ladouceur, Smithtown Matters

“In the dual roles of Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde, Alan Stentiford gives a tour-de-force performance, transforming from the gentle, unassuming Jekyll into the maniacal Hyde. In the intense, climactic solo “Confrontation,” Stentiford is astonishing as he morphs from Jekyll into Hyde and back again until he convulses in a writhing heap on the floor.”

- Barbara Anne Kirschner, Dan’s Papers

“The plot is riveting and watching Alan Stentiford outstanding performance, as he transforms from the gentle, intelligent, and well-meaning Dr. Jekyll into the rabid, irrational, evil-doing Mr. Hyde, will send chills down your spine. Mr. Stentiford's vocal command and spot-on choreography during the song "Confrontation," where Jekyll faces off with Hyde in a final battle to regain control of his life, is one of the most mesmerizing moments in theater you will ever witness.”

- Cindi Sansone-Braff, Patch

“In his Theatre Three debut, Alan Stentiford is simply incredible in the dual role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The actor’s transition from respected doctor to psychotic madman will make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand up. After each injection, the actor morphs into a rabid creature who slinks and lurks about in the dark, peering out through his unkempt hair with wild eyes. And wait until you hear him sing! Stentiford’s split-personality faceoff in “Confrontation” is mesmorizing and his opening night performance of “This Is the Moment” brought the house down.”

- Heidi Sutton, TBR News Media

“Alan Stentiford’s performance of Jekyll/Hyde is poetic when viewed from start to finish. He presents Henry Jekyll as a man who is passionate, yet calculated- emotional, yet restrained. His facade of control, however, begins to crack as the pressures of his personal and professional lives close in on him. By the time he has embodied Edward Hyde, he is not recognizable. All of this builds up to his performance of “Confrontation” in Act II. This song alone stole the show for me; trust me, those 4 minutes alone are worth the price of admission!”

- Jessica Kennedy, The Theatre Guide